LionsBase Mobile

Here is why 4 Districts in Switzerland/Liechtenstein (West, Centro, East and LEO), 4 Districts in Austria (Ost, Mitte, West and LEO) and 4 Districts in Belgium (A, B, C and D) have chosen the LionsBase mobile application instead of the "official" MyLion application.

LionsBase mobile MyLion
Authentication Requires a LionsBase account (any Lions/LEO member for districts using LionsBase) Any Lion in the world (membership record from LCI) and guests
Clubs Extended information for clubs in districts using LionsBase Basic information for any club in the world
Club information Type (Lions/LEO Omega/LEO Alpha), Diversity (gentlemen only, ladies only, mixed), website, email, list of members, list of committee members (all functions), meetings, date of foundation and charter night and list of sponsor and twinning clubs Information about the meetings, charter night and language of the club, list of members (info as described under "Profile of a member") and main function committee members
Zone information Committee (zone president, zone vice-presidents, club presidents), list of clubs, website n/a
Region information Committee, list of zones, list of clubs, website n/a
District information Council, list of regions, list of clubs, website n/a 
Multiple District information Council of governors with all functions, list of districts, list of national conventions, website n/a
History of functions At any level, the list of former club presidents, zone president, governors, or any other function can be listed n/a
Conventions List of upcoming and former national conventions, with the corresponding Council Chairperson n/a
News News are written by clubs, zones, ... up to MD and news from LCI; redactors and users of the application can subscribe to any source of information News are actually "posts" (image + text) and are written by users of the app. Similarly to social networks, other users may follow other users and thus see what they are posting in their timeline
News interactions A club redactor may choose to share a news article in his/her timeline to members of his/her club Users may "like" and comment other posts
Articles from LION magazine Articles of the LION magazine can be imported automatically and published as news n/a
Social Activities Users of the application may see activities of other clubs, including statistics Users of the application may see some statistics of other clubs for the last 3 years
Social Activities (creation) Club administrators and members of the social activity team may create and edit social activities Any user may create a social activity for him/herself and try to find others to join
Social Activities (social) n/a Users may post photos associated to a social activity
Search Users can find any member (Lions and LEO) in their MD and see extended information Users can find the name and the club membership of any Lions (not LEO)
  Users can find members in other MD (country) if the foreign member explicitly chose to access from users of the application coming from another MD (basic information only, each additional information such as phone numbers, email addresses, … may be enabled individually) Users can publish their photo and a short biography which is then visible to other users, alongside with their functions and some app-related badges
Profile of a member Access to the photo (all members), the name, title, awards, certifications, social networks, phone and email addresses, postal addresses, business information, link to sponsor members and access to the whole Lions history of functions and statuses Access to the photo (if published by the user), a biography and functions
Social Networks Threema, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest, Slack n/a
Export of information Export of member profiles to one's address book, export to single events or subscription to the feed of future events using the preferred calendar application on the smartphone n/a
Agenda of the club Access as information for any club, members of the club or members targeted by an event can attend/decline the event, answer additional questions, see the list of participants and invite other Lions/LEO members or external, non-Lions guests n/a
Agenda of the zone/region/district/MD Members targeted by an event at a higher level see the corresponding event in their personal calendar and can attend/decline the event, answer additional questions, see the list of participants and invite other Lions/LEO members or external, non-Lions guests n/a
Agenda (administrators) Administrators may create new events from the mobile application and manage the participants n/a
Check of participants Built-in QR-code scanner for confirming the presence of participants (large events such as conventions) n/a
Documents Access to club / zone / … documents n/a
LION magazine Access to the LION magazines (for one's own MD and surrounding MDs + international) n/a
Messaging Built-in text only-based messaging application to let event organisers share last minute info with the participants Built-in text only-based messaging application
LCIF donation n/a Prominent box with a link to donate to the LCIF
Languages 11 (English, French, German, Italian, Croatian, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish) 13 (English, French, German, Italian, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Korean, Finnish, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish)
Users of the application 13K+ (Switzerland/Liechtenstein: 7970+, Austria: 3630+, Belgium: 1510+ and counting) Unknown
Responsiveness The application is quick to use Every operation is quite slow to complete
GDPR-compliant Yes, see manual for details Unknown
Rating 4.5 / 5 1.3 / 5